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We are suppliers of electronic kits, with very detailed instructions, for home construction – using mainly analogue circuits which are often used in simple Amateur Radio equipment.

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Two new RXs for those just starting on electronic circuit construction! The Shipham starts as MW broadcast AM RX that you can then change to a Regen; the Stathe (right) is direct conversion so is easier to use for amateur radio purposes. For the experienced, consider the three band Barle and Barwick!

Design Approach

Because kit builders are usually able to adapt the mechanics, we put our emphasis into the electronic design and keep the mechanics as simple as possible. We aim to provide good value for whatever you decide to spend.

You can choose from Simple projects for beginners, or slightly more advanced Intermediate ones, right up to our Advanced projects for skilled constructors, and of course there are also many Accessories!

Our products are always under review and development (as right) – so if you cant see what you want or have any questions, please ask me – Tim G3PCJ – using the form below. Ordering is easy using Paypal too!

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